Jordi Sanchez: Digital painting and drawing teacher


My connection with drawing started, like most of the cases, when I couldn’t even walk. During my childhood I remember spending hours drawing the dinosaurs that I saw in films and the fantastic creatures that I imagined. This is something that I carry within myself and for that reason I wasn’t surprised when, starting adolescence, I started to think of art in a more professional way. At that time of my life, when everyone forces you to find a stable future, I clearly realised that I wanted to devote my life to art.

I took my first steps in Academia Taure in Barcelona, but I soon realised that I wasn’t content with only a piece of paper. I had the need to learn about 3D and to widen my other unconditional passion: animation and videogames. Thus, I took the Higher Grade in Animation and Interactive Environments at Centre Creatiu i Tècnic in Sabadell.

In 2017, I founded Siunne Studios together with five partners and launched the production of Omâni: The myth of the first Queen. From the beginning of the development of Omâni, I have been the responsible for texturizing and animation.

Apart from the new digital adventures which I have joined throughout these years, I have never stopped trying to grow in the field of illustration neither have I stopped taking projects on.

When approaching an illustration, I always think about it and draw it from different perspectives and points of view, looking for the most attractive one and the option which may work better with what I try to transmit. I am very perfectionist with the final result and can’t stop until I feel completely satisfied.

I enjoy drawing in any style since my references range from Disney to more adult and shady artists such as Peter Polach. At the end of the day, my dream is to use art to thrill as many people as possible.

Jordi Sanchez Campanario