Fernando de Blasi

The artesan Fernando De Blasi was born in Mza Arg in 1964.He began his studies in Product  Design in 1987,the following year he took classes  in drawing,silkscreen, stained glass windows and jewelry.He specialized in metal sculpture.In 1997 he began a society of non-conventional jewelers(El Bermejo) with Luis Quesada and Marta Artaza they created jewelry in miniature casting and small sculptures.

He took advantage of the celebrations of the Gaudí´s year(2003)to visit Barcelona with the college of architects of Mendoza and he decided to stay in Spain.

In 2006 he inaugurated the studio La Casa de La espiral, where he exhibits his Works and gives clases in sculpture, and jewelry.

He started very  young as an artesan an he has always felt a vocation to explore different materials;reviving  antique foundry techniques through his works.

His jewlery has  a sculptural quality, with an aesthetic medieval flavor.The simplicity of the techniques that he utilizes permits him to concentrate on the form and he explores the conceptual implications of the combination of Wood and metal.