Red Wine Arts

The painting made with wine was born from an experimentation in Mendoza’s studio. República Argentina. Land of vineyards and strong viticulture tradition. The first experience was interesting, then other trials, technical tests and different wine combinations have been added. Today the project is over ten years and it continues growing.
The resource material used is made by red wines(directly from the bottle, boild, taken from the bottom of the barrel or extracted in lab) mixed with organic agglutinants(orange oil-milk oil-beewax-turpentine-etc).
For the final protection I use a special burnish witch is also organic. Usually I paint on canvas.
The range colour goes since earth coloured(bottom of the barrel), going through greys(wine poured directly from the bottle, like a wine stain on a table cloth), rubies(grape skin extracted), violets(young wines), until blacks(wine shoot charcoal).
The texture goes from the lightest to the most dense. From the fluidity of the liquid wine to paste of bottom of the barrel mixed with the organic agglutinant
At the beginning of the project the images were mainly abstract with staves of barrel (in small and large size) screw together in its four corners and with the canvas stretched from behind by tacks.
This kind of framing besides of being functional(because the framed works both as frame and as stretcher strips) is symbolic because the vintage continues between the wine and the oak. Both as visual components.
The canvas stretched on the four strips takes naturally the four curves of the staves.
It produces a special bending effect, the allows it to come out of the regular bidimension of a stave canvas.
Bacchus  jewelery
This series is inspired by the vine tendrils and grapes. I represent them with woven lines producing a visual mandala in relief and containing circular shapes that symbolize inlaid gemstones.
They individually have visual strength because of the square format but they are also suitable for the combination of diptychs or triptychs series.