La Casa de la Espiral

Escuela de Arte y Joyeria en Barcelona

La Casa de la Espiral

Ángeles de Blasi

Drawing and Painting teacher

Since 2003 in Barcelona, raised in the art world, she has been part of La Casa de La Espiral since its inception.

Guided by her interest, attention and experimentation from an early age, she has been able to assimilate and continue with the same dynamics of the academy. She has been offering classes in the Grácia neighborhood for more than 15 years.

Self-taught and professional, for more than six years he has enjoyed teaching in the cultural association, in schools and homes.

At the same time she studied audiovisuals and currently continues her professional training at the Massana school in the field of illustration.

In the meantime she consolidates her artistic career and personal work.

Her enthusiasm is to share her taste for creating characters and achieving images with personality!