La Casa de la Espiral

Escuela de Arte y Joyeria en Barcelona

La Casa de la Espiral

David Quejido

Jewelry Teacher

programa curso espiral (Direct access)

The design and manufacturing of jewelry have been the artistic disciplines in which David Quejido has developed his professional career. He started his studies in Madrid, in the Escuela Oficial del Gremio de Joyeros (Official School of Jewelers), completing his studies abroad – London and Vicenza, cradle of Italian jewelry. These were the cities where, for several years, he expanded his knowledge and acquired experience. After his return, he focused his creative work in the field of contemporary jewelry, in which his designs and creations stand out for their originality and development of form, which, without any doubt, give a new dimension to the design of jewelry. David Quejido has provided custom-made products for the best brands in the field. Furthermore, he has created his own line of jewelry. At present he focuses his work in the production of jewelry which starts from simple lines but without losing strength and expressivity.

His training in design and manufacturing of jewelry, both classic and contemporary, include the following techniques: setting, hand-engraving, etching, inlay and embossment techniques, as well as computer design and manufacturing in 3D.