La Casa de la Espiral

Escuela de Arte y Joyeria en Barcelona

La Casa de la Espiral

Nora López Millán

Art for Children and Adults Teacher (on-site and online)

I practice painting and drawing since my childhood, developing the techniques of this craft with skill, I have advanced a step forward stripping myself of them and pondering the spontaneous, to capture the precise moment of what I see in a sea, a rooster or an internal image and thus show what excites with a few gestural brushstrokes that intensify the volume and chiaroscuro.

Here you can appreciate my recent artistic explorations.

My artistic life project is the reinvention, the search, the pleasure and the challenge of drawing and painting in my own way.

This is the work on paper and canvas in mixed media: pencil, charcoal, wine sediment, watercolor, acrylic, gouache.

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2022 Expocision en galera Dartearte de poble nou. Barcelona. Spain.
2019 Galeria Broeschen-Mahón-Menorca
2018  Fira del vi-Arts contra la violència-Falset-Cataluña.
2017 Trobada internacional microproductors de vi a Andorra.
2017 “Enopinturas”Crianza visual. Museo Arellano AlonsoSanta. Universidad de Valladolid.
2014 “Gallery Hindhede” DennmarK2013 “the research of color”in her Studio Spiral.
2013 “Pensa en vi” Workshop in Arenys de Munt. Barcelona. Spain.
2012 “Bacchus jewels in her Studio Spiral.
2011 “Red Wine Arts”Workshop.Centro Santa Mónica,Cataluña,Spain.
2010 “Léspirit del El Priorato, Cataluña, Spain
2010 European Film vi”. Festival and Wine DO La Mancha.
2009 “New Wine” Workshop in her Studio Spiral.
2008 “Parenting” Workshop in her Studio Spiral.
2007 Emina Winery, San Bernardo, Valladolid.
2007 5th Congress of Spanish Wine Museums. “New Wine, Unlimited Sensations” Ribera de Duero. Spain.
During the congress she made the “1st Tasting of Wine and Paintings”.
2006 Permanent Exhibition in her Art Gallery “Casa de La Espiral”, Barcelona.
2006 “The Bulls and Wine”, La Rioja. Spain. Viña Ijalba Wineyards and “Peña Taurina El Quite”
2005 “Catalonian Wined and Cavas Fair”, Barcelona.
2005 “Orfeo Gracienc”, Barcelona.
2004 “Laietana Palace Hotel”, Barcelona.
2001 “Puff”, Municipal Museum of Modern Art Mendoza.
2000 “The Circular Ruins” Cultural Centre of Seven Channel, Mendoza.
1999 “Permanent Exhibition in her Art Gallery “La Rivera”, Argentina.
1997 “Bad memory” Damasca Art Gallery.
1996 “Escape Valve” in Woman Foundation.
1995 “Self-portrait Series”. Piscis-Hotel, Las Leñas Valley.
1994 “Tribute to Frida Kalho”, Art Gallery Patio Mitre.
1993 “Lagunero´s Characters”, Huanacache´s Desert.
1988 “Images of the Lagoon Party. Tribute to Juan Dragui Lucero, Aconcaguas Hotel.

3rd prize: 2006 “The bulls and wine”. Painting contest, La Rioja, Spain.
“Bull blood” Wine on Canvas. Sponsored by Viña Ljalba Winevinyards and Peña Taurina. El Quite.
3rd prize: 1999 “Century Ending”. Mural contest, Municipality of Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, Argentina
2nd prize: 1998 “Consulate of Spain”, Mendoza, Argentina.
1st prize: 1995 Annual Visual Arts Exhibition “Grape Harvest”, Fernando Fader Museum, Mendoza, Argentina.
1st prize: 1994 “Woman in Art” Avon.